Graduate in PVNZ "Bukovina University"

Fellowship is a form of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of higher qualification. Currently constantly operating postgraduate study at the university opened two specialties:

08.00.05 The development of productive forces and regional economy;

05.13.06 Information technology

Profile postgraduate training meets the priority directions of scientific activities of the University and includes ways in which the university are trained on relevant educational levels.

Criteria for selection of candidates to graduate from the University of folding into account the requirements of the "Regulations on the preparation of scientific and scientific personnel pedadohichnyh", approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 309 of 01.03.1999.

Admission to postgraduate university is carried out on a commercial basis - in terms of contracts signed with the University of corporations and individuals.

Applicants to graduate the competitive entrance exams, specialty, philosophy and foreign language, within the current program for higher educational institutions.

At postgraduate study of the separation of production and on the job, to those who have a Diploma or Master, showed inclination and have some achievements in scientific research.

Enrollment in graduate school conducted on a competitive entrance examination in accordance with the decision of the selection committee after the conclusion of the contract between the university and entering graduate school.

Persons who have passed all or part candidate examinations for admission to graduate by the decision of the selection committee are exempt from the relevant entrance exams.

Schedule graduate school admission documents:

Documents - from 1 September to 15 October

Entrance examinations - from 20 October to 5 November


Address University: 58000, Chernivtsi, str. Darwin, 2A (Postgraduate)

Tel. (0372) 55-34-23.

Rules for admission
Universities, research institutions placed in a media announcement of competitive admission of specifying scientific specialties, the terms and conditions of admission, the list of required documents.

Applicants to graduate school to submit the name of the head of the university, the following documents:

1) application;

2) personal data sheet staff;

3) a list of published scientific works and inventions. Students who have published scientific works and inventions submit scientific reports (abstracts) in chosen specialty;

4) medical certificate of health on Form N 286th;

5) a copy of the diploma of graduation indicating received training specialist or master (persons who have received appropriate education abroad - a copy of diploma);


6) certificate of candidate examinations (if stacked candidate examinations). Passport and higher education diploma given by an entrant personally.