Matiichuk Kvitoslava Dmytrivna - the Head of the College

Education: In 1999 - graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, specializing in English Language and Literature with the qualification of a philologist, a teacher of English Language and Literature, a teacher of German Language.


     From 1999 to 2008 - worked as a teacher of English and German at the Illintsi secondary school, Sniatyn district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

     Since 2008 - a teacher of English at the Department of Philological Disciplines of the Private Higher Educational Institution "Bukovinian University".

            From 2016 to present - works as the Head of the College of the PHEI “Bukovinian university” and as a teacher of English and Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Philological Disciplines.

            The total pedagogical experience of work - 19 years. 

            In April 2015 - defended the Ph.D thesis “Organization of Independent Learning on Professional Disciplines for the Future Foreign Language Teachers (Second half of the XXth - Beginning of the XXIst Century)” and received a Candidate degree in pedagogics, speciality 13.00.01 – general pedagogics and history of pedagogics.

The College of Bukovinian University trains specialists on the basis of incomplete general secondary education with the awarding of the educational qualification level "junior specialist" and simultaneously obtaining a complete general secondary education.

The College's tasks are:

  • conducting of educational activity, which includes educational, research, cultural, methodical directions of work;
  • providing conditions for mastering the system of knowledge about a human-being, nature and society;
  • formation of a socially mature, creative person;
  • formation of a morally, mentally and physically healthy generation of citizens;
  • formation of a civic position; patriotism, self-esteem, readiness for work, responsibility for their destiny, the fate of society, state and humanity;
  • ensuring high ethical standards, an atmosphere of benevolence and mutual respect in the relations between employees, teachers and students;
  • ensuring that students acquire knowledge in a particular field and preparing them for their future professional activity



On the basis of the 9th form 

Junior Specialist


Computer Sciences

 4 years - a technician-programmer 


4 years - a lawyer

 Finance, Banking and Insurance 

3 years - a financier

Accounting and Taxation

3 years – an accountant


There are three departments in the college: economic, law and computer systems and technologies, where students who enrolled on the basis of incomplete general secondary education (9 classes) can acquire complete general education and professional knowledge. Applicants take entrance examinations in Ukrainian, Mathematics or History of Ukraine. The educational process is organized on the basis of the introduction of the latest pedagogical technologies that guarantee intensive and profound knowledge acquisition focused on the formation of an educated, harmoniously developed personality capable of continuous updating of knowledge, professional mobility and rapid adaptation to changes in the development of society. Education in certain specialties allows college graduates to work in such positions as: accountant, insurance agent, broker, cashier-expert, credit inspector, exchange office inspector, financier, manager; work in the positions of lawyers in state, public, administrative and legal services of enterprises and organizations, in the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in the judicial system, in the organs of the Prosecutor's Office, in the National Police of Ukraine; at positions of technician-programmer, specialist in information technology, specialist in computer graphics (design), specialist in software development and testing, specialist in computer program development, consultant, manager, leading specialist, technician, operator, administrator of databases. Best graduates are offered a prospective job in IT companies, including foreign ones. 

In order to develop students' abilities, there are amateur arts circles and sports sections.